Corporate Social Responsibility


Attracting people who choose to live and work in the places we invest in is vital to the long-term success of our business.
So we focus on growing sustainable communities in iconic locations such as Camden —
where we develop exciting cultural, retail and business environments.


We believe that the local community is a vital part of what makes Camden unique. Our co-working company LABS provides apprenticeship schemes, training and employment — as well as support for talented entrepreneurs and bright new start-ups.

A Consultative Approach

We consult residents on our developments and source materials locally wherever possible. Our mixed-use leisure, retail and business developments include affordable homes — and a much-needed primary school in Hawley Wharf.


Passing stringent quality, health and safety, and environmental criteria are mandatory for all our suppliers; and larger contractors are required to comply with ISO14001. All contractors complete a specific induction before being given access to our sites, which includes a contractor code of practice designed to create a safer environment. We work to prevent any adverse effects on the local environment. The design of Hayley Wharf, for example, was assessed to reduce or avoid any significant impact on ground condition, surface water drainage and flood risk, wind, daylight, overshadowing, light pollution and glare, ecology, waste management, built heritage, access and transport, noise and vibration, air quality, archaeology, townscape and visual impact.


We operate a preventive maintenance programme — designed to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of our assets. And a recycling programme for our tenants. Our Hawley Wharf scheme is a benchmark for future developments. It meets the national requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes, including the Lifetime Homes Standard, and incorporates CCHP systems, the most economical and environmental way of providing power, heating and cooling.